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Starting towards that dream school

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Sometimes school life gets us weary. But then, we've always known that something lies at the end. When our incredible high school journey is complete, we arrive at a destination, and it's a place we dream to be.

So what is it?

The answer is in your everyday, now. It will be written by the pen of your choices and the ink of your thought. It's also in your identity--who are you?

Sophomore year is a great time to settle in a general direction. Take note of the subjects you find the most interesting as well as those you do well in. Spend time thinking about what you've seen yourself as all you life. Then, think about what you see yourself as in the future. Lead yourself into a direction: a comfortable, motivating one.

You'll need to research. Look for your interested majors as well as other factors such as a preferred location when you research colleges and universities. Sometimes, it's the vibe that makes a school a dream school to you. Sometimes, it's just fate doing the magic. But you'll need to look--dreams are sought.

Once that goal is intact, you'll see a light at the end of the tunnel. A happy tunnel, that is, and a productive one, too, now that you've got a general destination. The next days are time to set out on your journey towards your goal. Don't make it regrettable. Might the end turn out different from your expectations, but it'll always be a good one.

Written by Iris

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