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The Season of Graduations

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

And, you’ve just completed the several years of high school that might’ve caused you so much stress at one point.

But it isn’t as much of a relief as you thought it would be, is it?

Even the thought of that post-graduation vacation you’ve been planning since junior year doesn’t lighten the unhappy fact that you are really gone for good this time. No more sitting in the back seats with your friends in class; no more dozing off in your favorite chair at the school; no more math quizzes to complain whole-heartedly about. It almost doesn’t seem real, that this is all behind you.

It’s yet another beginning.

There are so many choices in front of you after graduation. Some people take a gap year to travel, others to experience work. Many move forwards to college or university. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you need to take with you everything you would leave behind.

First, keep in contact with those classmates. Some might not be your dearest friend but interact with them via social media and invite them out to hang out once in a while anyway. Your high school acquaintances are part of your social network in your career.

Second, let everything you’ve enjoyed in high school become a part of who you are. If you’ve loved the eco-club, continue doing things for the environment all throughout your life. When September comes, join a college or community environment club.

Third, keep that high school spirit. Remember how hard you’ve worked towards your dream school? That was motivation. College or work requires more motivation than anything else—you need to stay young and stay active.

Your favorite things about high school will always stay with you—they have become part of your identity. Don’t be sad about losing friends. You haven’t lost any.

This is the season of graduations, not departure. The future is as good as a sunny weather. Be happy and pack your bags to that dream vacation! If not, go outside and enjoy mother nature’s wonders. Everything is so exciting—you get to see so much more beautiful things life has to offer as you start off yet another, beautiful journey—and looking back at how much you’ve grown, you will smile. You will.

Written by Iris

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