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Express who you are.


Welcome to IDENTITY!

A student newspaper and a community. See page bottom to learn more.


We have an identity that's made of stories. Along our very long journey, we've written our own, read others', and planned great tales to be told. 

At IDENTITY, stories are shared. 



June's theme is DREAM.

A new summer, prefacing yet another semester. How many steps closer have you taken towards that dream of yours this year? 

A dream destination.

A dream state of mind.
A dream accomplishment.

A dream school.

A dream profession.

A dream beginning or a dream conclusion.

Hopefully, you've kept your dream in mind as you journey through your days. It's the place you're going to, after all, so better not take too many wrong turns, hmm?

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IDENTITY is a student newspaper and community that shares stories.

Sign up, and join the IDENTITY community.

Read about what schools all over the world are up to, what other minds are thinking, and what stories other people have to tell.

Write about what's going on in your life, what's on your mind, and your unique story.

Founded by some cute people.

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